Mitchell Mirande – ‘Hold On’

Mitchell Mirande’s ‘Hold On’ really touches the soul. The song was written from an outsiders perspective, looking into the world of someone experiencing depression or any dark time in life. Stream it below LINK UP!!! Mitchell Mirande on Facebook  

BATTS – ‘Somedays’

BATTS’ ‘Somedays’ could be the title track of my life right now. It’s a beauty of a track but that’s expected with BATTS. Her vocals are always so stunning. Stream it below Somedays is the lead single of BATTS’ debut EP ’62 Moons’ names after the moons of Saturn.   LINK UP!!!  BATTS on Facebook and Twitter

Elliot Berger & Laura Brehm – ‘Believe’

Indie-folk songwriter and EDM vocalist Laura Brehm collaborated with Elliot Berger on ‘Believe’ a track they wrote and produced together in London. This is not their first collaboration as they worked on the very popular ‘Diamond Sky’ back in 2013. It’s obvious these two make magic together because this is what perfection sounds like.  … Read more »

Jenaux – ‘Sentiments’ (feat. Bryce Fox)

NY-based producer Jenaux brings his infectious, funk-flavoured sound back to Enhanced with the engrossing ‘Sentiments’, alongside the powerful vocals of Bryce Fox. “This record is very special to me. I actually made it 2 years ago, right around the same time I made ‘Get It On’. Funny enough, I have a lot more that I… Read more »

yitaku & Madnap – ‘Finding Myself’ ft. Restless Modern

Madnap and Restless Modern are regulars on MIML and I hope yitaku becomes a regular too. These three have made magic together with ‘Finding Myself’, a chilled soul-pop tune that features sultry synths, melodic guitar plucks and glittery percussion. Stream it below The vibe of this is amazing. LINK UP!!! yitaku on Facebook and Twitter Madnap… Read more »

Jonny Glenn – ‘Sail Away’ (feat. LILI N & Eventide)

Johnny Glenn has a definite hit on his hands with ‘Sail Away’ ft LILI N & Eventide. It’s a pop jam that you’re going to love. Check it out LINK UP!!! Jonny Glenn on Facebook and Twitter  

My Brothers And I – ‘When You’re Ready’ (AUDIO)

My Brothers And I’s ‘When You’re Ready’ has become my latest obsession. It’s really a stellar pop track. The band, which consists of Wurgler brothers Erik (bass/vocals), David (lead vocals), and Scott (drums), along with childhood friend Jordan Roach (guitar), have released two efforts prior, a digital-only EP, ‘Live Sessions’ (which led to a label contract… Read more »

Taylor Grey – ‘Poison’

Rising artist Taylor Grey has released her final single of the year, ‘Poison’. A song that I’m completely in love with. It’s a beautiful pop track that addresses a very relatable situation. “Poison juxtaposes the confidence of knowing who you are with the vulnerability of the loss of control when unexpectedly falling for someone,” explains… Read more »

What So Not – ‘Be Ok Again’ (feat. Daniel Johns)

Two weeks ago What So Not shared ‘Be Ok Again’ feat Daniel Johns. The song is a deeply personal song and it features What So Not writing and performing vocals for the first time. Stream it below “Immediate paralysing sadness, optimism, nervousness and excitement. This song explores how we redefine and rebuild our reality upon… Read more »

Lafa Taylor & Aabo – ‘Falling’ (feat. Goapele) [VINDATA remix]

I’m loving this insane new remix from Vindata of Lafa Taylor & Aabo’s latest track, “Falling” featuring vocals from Goapele. The LA based electronic duo Vindata, comprised of Branden Ratcliff and Jared Poythress, have blown up in recent months with their explosive style. The track features entrancing percussion and vibing sythns that promise to put… Read more »

  • Jon Vinyl – ‘Life’

    I can tell you the exact moment when I fell in love with Jon Vinyl’s ‘Life’. It happened just at the 23 second mark, when Jon comes in with his silky smooth vocals. On the song the 19-year-old artist sheds light on the experience of having to remain diligent in such a fast-paced city. Stream it… Read more »

  • Sub-Radio – ‘Holiday Hangover’ EP

    If you love Christmas as much as I do then you’re gonna love Sub-Radio’s new EP. ‘Holiday Hangover’ features an original track of the same name and covers of Ariana Grande’s ‘Santa Tell Me’ and Fall Out Boy’s ‘Yule Shoot Your Eye Out’. You get to enjoy the sextet’s signature pop  rock sound that will put a smile… Read more »

  • Shan Vincent de Paul – ‘Bitch Go’ (Official Video)

    Shan Vincent de Paul’s ‘Bitch Go’ will be my anthem for 2018. I just need to tell all the negative people and everything I want to leave in 2017 to just go. This is a bit different to his other tracks that I’ve featured but I really like it and the video too, which he… Read more »

  • Nsolo – ‘Faith’

    If you’re a fan of Maxwell and Gallant, then you’re going to love Nsolo. He delivers that kind of R&B that makes me just want to close my eyes and really feel the music and take in every element. It’s stunning to be honest. Nsolo says the song based in the idea of attempting to speak… Read more »

  • Zita – ‘The Rains of Castamere’ (Game of Thrones)

    If you’re a Game of Thrones fan like me, you’re going to love Zita’s take on ‘The Rains of Castamere’. She said she found the track to be a sad one and wanted to give it a brighter touch. Stream it below Click here to grab the free download. LINK UP!!! Zita on Facebook    

  • Savannah Ré – ‘Impressed’

    One line you hear a lot in Savannah Ré’s ‘Impressed’ is “I’m so impressed by you” and I think it perfectly captures how I feel about her music.  After just hearing the first 30 seconds of this, I have firmly placed the Toronto R&B artist on my ones to watch list. Hear the track below Speaking about… Read more »

  • Florian Picasso – ‘Obsession’

    Yes!!! This tune goes hard! Florian does it again. ‘Obsession’ marks his second release on powerhouse imprint Musical Freedom. LINK UP!!! Florian Picasso on Facebook and Twitter

  • Michael McQuaid – ‘Wild Love’ ft. Milly Roze

    Am I the only one who eagerly awaits New Music Friday? I mean when you get gems like this: How could you not get excited?! S/O Michael McQuaid and Milly Roze for this track. It is pure perfection. LINK UP!!! Michael McQuaid on Facebook and Twitter

  • EDEN – ‘crash’

    I’ll be honest, I have received a few of EDEN’s tracks over on Submit Hub in the past but none ever grabbed me like this one did. I loved the emotion and his vocals on ‘crash’ when I first heard it a week ago but little did I know that when I listened to it… Read more »

  • CARDS – ‘Forever Nothing’

    CARDS is the the new project of L.A. based Producer/Songwriter, Mike O and my new favourite artist. ‘He released ‘Forever Nothing’ a few weeks ago and I really enjoyed the way he blended alternative music with the familiar sounds of the Caribbean that I love so much. Hear the track below LINK UP!!! CARDS on Twitter… Read more »