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Mirror Talk – '1/M/T' [Official Music Video]

One of my favourite bands have released a video for one of my favourite songs for the Summer. Mirror Talk’s video for ‘1/M/T’ is kinda scary but as they explain, “As musicians who work largely with synthesizer instruments, those statements and sonic values are important inspirational touchtones,” the band says. “They are specific reference points… Read more »

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Anteros – 'Anteros' (Official Video)

London trio Anteros are to release a self-titled debut EP and the band has revealed their lead track’s exciting new video. “The track Anteros is about us coming to terms with moving to London”, explains front woman Laura Hayden. “Although it’s big and busy, it can be a confusing and lonely city. The whole EP… Read more »

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The Elwins – 'So Down Low' [Official Video]

  The quality of music videos these days have really deterred me from watching them because they always seem to disappoint in one way or the other, most times the video, at least for me, spoils a song that I may have really liked. I say all of this, to point out that The Elwins’… Read more »

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Samm Henshaw – ‘Better’ (Official Video)

I have to give props to this young man, his talent is mindblowing and I can only imagine what is in store for him in the near future because he is going to be HUGE. Samm Henshaw has revealed the official video for ‘Better’ and it is as perfect as the song itself. The stripped… Read more »

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Golden Vessel – ‘Borrowed Time’ (ft. Tiana Khasi) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

It’s a week since the official release of ‘Borrowed Time’ by Australian producer Golden Vessel and Australian singer Tiana Khasi and we already have a video. And what a video it is, the imagery is amazing, it’s almost like moving art. The concept of the video which was filmed and directed by Jake Lofven is… Read more »

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Sara Lov – ‘Some Kind of Champion’ (Official Video)

The first video for the title track of Sara Lov’s forthcoming album “Some Kind of Champion” is out and it’s an homage to two of her favorite directors François Truffaut and Federico Fellini. The song is off of her upcoming album, of the same name which is set for release on August 25. Check it out… Read more »

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JD McPherson – 'Head Over Heels'

Let me just tell you, this song is a classic. It’s old school rock in 2015 and I love it so much! JD McPherson belts out a classic sound on ‘Head over Heels’ off of the critically acclaimed album ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ that takes you back to a time when music sounded this… Read more »

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DMV Vs. Everybody (Feat. Aye Yo Smiley & Brain Rapp)

The video is finally here! In February, these three great artists – JDVBBS (pronounced jay-dubs) Aye Yo Smiley & Brain Rapp – released ‘DMV Vs Everybody’ and now we have a video. The song takes you on a tour of the DC, Maryland and Virginia area and in the video, they each represent where they… Read more »

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FRAN LOBO – 'Is This Love'

UK singer/songwriter and artist Fran Lobo has a major hit on her hands with ‘Is This Love’. Her style reminds me a lot of Amy Winehouse. It’s passionate, it’s soulful, it’s dramatic and it’s all done over a pop R&B infused melody with the hypnotic sounds of a vintage keytar. About the artist: Fran Lobo… Read more »

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SchulKid feat. Valair – ‘Wildest Promise’ (Official Music Video)

An official video is out for one of my favourite songs from last year. Read my last post about the song here and after take a look at the very interesting video below. LINK UP!!! SchulKid on Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram Valair on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram