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STACEY 🌹 – ‘It’ll Be Alright’

Everytime I listen to this song I smile. Thank you STACEY. The video which was directed by Laura Lynn Petrick was shot on 5 rolls of Super 8 film and channeled Hitchcock’s classics, To Catch a Thief and Vertigo. LINK UP!!! STACEY on Facebook and Twitter  

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PREMIERE: Tim Olstad – ‘Hold Me Up’

Happy Monday music lovers! Boy do I have a treat for you today, a new video from Tim Olstad and I am honoured to premiere it. ‘Hold Me Up’ is a song many can relate to. Tim tells Live In Limbo last month that the song is about, “being in a relationship, but feeling that the… Read more »

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Sonny Step & TyC – ‘Still Believe In Love’

This track right here is incredible!! I love everything about this track. The old school R&B vibe, Sonny’s vocals, the music. Whoo!! What a song! You can also check out the video below Sonny Step is a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist based out of Brooklyn where he met TyC and they quickly began to combine Ty’s pop sensibility with… Read more »

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Ryan Riback – One Last Time (Lyric Video)

I love this song so much. I first heard it last month and have listened to it almost every day since so when I saw that Ryan dropped the lyric video I knew I had to share it right away. So here it is The video was directed by videographer and musician Nick Dean. Commenting… Read more »

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Sigrid – ‘Plot Twist’

The success Sigrid has achieved since dropping ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is not surprising at least to me. The girl is a star and I’m glad to have been here from the beginning and I’m excited to see what the future holds for her. A few days ago Sigrid dropped the official video for ‘Plot… Read more »

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Fins Ara – ‘Veer’

I first shared Fins Ara’s ‘Veer’ in May and today I have for you the song’s official video. The song is beautiful and the video for it is perfect. According to Fins, it’s quite a conceptual video. “The main shot (the view from the bridge) represents the stability of the relationship, and thus the video… Read more »

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The Arcadian Wild – ‘Envy Green’

I just love The Arcadian Wild’s music. It’s so refreshing and beautiful. Enjoy ‘Envy Green’ below LINK UP!!! The Arcadian Wild on Facebook and Twitter  

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Kodaline – ‘Brother’

I have never heard of Kodaline before hearing ‘Brother’ so it didn’t surprise me to see that it has gotten over 1 million views on YouTube. The video is outstanding, trust me it’s a tearjerker but what captivated me was the song itself. It’s stunning to say the least and those harmonies, wow! For the… Read more »

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Skinny Living – ‘Why’

Skinny Living’s ‘Why’ will become your new obsession. Everything about this song is beautiful including Ryan Johnston’s vocals. He sings and I feel every word and now all I want to do is play this every chance I get. Skinny Living is a four-piece from Wakefield and ‘Why’ is the lead track from their forthcoming EP, ‘6’…. Read more »

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Be The Bear – ‘Erupt’ (Official Video)

It was just a few days ago I shared Be The Bear’s ‘Erupt’ now I have the song’s official video for you. It’s a beautiful video for a beautiful song. Check it out LINK UP!!! Be The Bear on Facebook and Twitter