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Ryan Riback – One Last Time (Lyric Video)

I love this song so much. I first heard it last month and have listened to it almost every day since so when I saw that Ryan dropped the lyric video I knew I had to share it right away. So here it is The video was directed by videographer and musician Nick Dean. Commenting… Read more »

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Sigrid – ‘Plot Twist’

The success Sigrid has achieved since dropping ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is not surprising at least to me. The girl is a star and I’m glad to have been here from the beginning and I’m excited to see what the future holds for her. A few days ago Sigrid dropped the official video for ‘Plot… Read more »

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Fins Ara – ‘Veer’

I first shared Fins Ara’s ‘Veer’ in May and today I have for you the song’s official video. The song is beautiful and the video for it is perfect. According to Fins, it’s quite a conceptual video. “The main shot (the view from the bridge) represents the stability of the relationship, and thus the video… Read more »

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The Arcadian Wild – ‘Envy Green’

I just love The Arcadian Wild’s music. It’s so refreshing and beautiful. Enjoy ‘Envy Green’ below LINK UP!!! The Arcadian Wild on Facebook and Twitter  

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Kodaline – ‘Brother’

I have never heard of Kodaline before hearing ‘Brother’ so it didn’t surprise me to see that it has gotten over 1 million views on YouTube. The video is outstanding, trust me it’s a tearjerker but what captivated me was the song itself. It’s stunning to say the least and those harmonies, wow! For the… Read more »

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Skinny Living – ‘Why’

Skinny Living’s ‘Why’ will become your new obsession. Everything about this song is beautiful including Ryan Johnston’s vocals. He sings and I feel every word and now all I want to do is play this every chance I get. Skinny Living is a four-piece from Wakefield and ‘Why’ is the lead track from their forthcoming EP, ‘6’…. Read more »

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Be The Bear – ‘Erupt’ (Official Video)

It was just a few days ago I shared Be The Bear’s ‘Erupt’ now I have the song’s official video for you. It’s a beautiful video for a beautiful song. Check it out LINK UP!!! Be The Bear on Facebook and Twitter

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Bianca Rose – ‘Hidden’

Bianca Rose is back with new music and I couldn’t be happier. ‘Hidden’ is the third single off her debut album ‘No Fear Here’. The visuals are set around the issue of men and mental health and how difficult it is to share these particular struggles with those closest to us. Bianca adds “Even as am woman… Read more »

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Patrick Doval – ‘Crush’

This is Patrick Doval’s 20th music video release! That’s quite an achievement. Patrick has a vast body of work spanning over 5 albums.  His latest video ‘Crush’ illustrates the obsessive nature of desire and having a crush on someone just out of reach. The video takes thematic cues from the 1958 cult film, Attack of the… Read more »

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KWAYE – ‘Little Ones’ [Official Music Video]

KWAYE has come into my life with a bang. Here is this submission sitting in my inbox with a video from an artist I’ve never heard of and I sit here in awe as I listen to him sing and watch the story being told. KWAYE is a Zimbabwe-born artist who dropped the official video… Read more »