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(J-LOUIS x HAAN808) ft Vanessa Elisha – ‘Waves’

I haven’t posted many things in a while for several reasons, one of them being that, I haven’t really heard anything that I’ve really liked and TRUST ME, I have been searching but in comes ‘Waves’, a track with some sweet synths, sexy, smooth vocals and a beat that together makes a track you will… Read more »

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Did Drunk In Love really need a Kanye West remix?

My honest answer? No. I think this was just another opportunity for Kanye to rap about his sex life with Kim. And I quote: “That cowgirl, you reverse that cowgirl/You reverse, you reverse/I impregnanted your mouth girl, ooh/that’s when I knew you could be my spouse, girl.” It doesn’t really add anything to the track… Read more »

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Trippy Turtle – ‘Wet’

THIS track is definitely THE song for today. Trippy Turtle does something very sexy with the chorus and hook from Twista’s ‘Wetta’ and Tyrese’s piece in Chingy’s ‘Pulling Me Back’. The two blend in perfectly, to make a track that I know could be on someone’s playlist later if they have something planned with their… Read more »

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As a music lover, you just can’t listen to set genres, you have to go outside that box from time to time, and Chakradio is definitely outside that box for me, but I can’t help but love it. Chakradio is a compilation of instrumentals. The 13 track album is “43 minutes of jazzy, progressive production… Read more »

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Sango – ‘Baile Somebody’

  Just listening to this track over and over has me so pumped because it is so freaking good! Sango released his album ‘Da Rocinha’, three days ago. The 13 track album was mixed and mastered by Kai Wright and was executively produced by Kai Wright and Joe Ka. Now, let’s talk about ‘Baile Somebody’…. Read more »

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E-Major – Understand feat. Khrysis

One of my favourite artists, E-Major has released his latest single off his album ‘Baltimore Bruin’ ‘Understand’ feat Khyris is a track about going for your dreams whether or not your friends and loved ones understand the sacrifices you have to make. “Music in 2014 is probably one of the hardest industries to have a… Read more »

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Jeftuz – ‘My Love’

Looking for some groovy music to listen to? You HAVE to check out this track by Jeftuz. The beat is fresh and those bass lines are ridiculous. According to his Soundcloud, ‘My Love’ is the second single to the forthcoming instrumental compilation ‘The Dutch’. The Dutch will be released on January 17th through HW&W Recordings… Read more »

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Alina Baraz & Galimatias – Pretty Thoughts

This song fits perfectly into my Sunday. The excellent production together with Alina Baraz’s sultry vocals will make you melt. It is a stunning piece of work that immediately puts you in a trance. Listen In scanning Galimatias’ Soundcloud page I found another song these two did together and it is as good as ‘Pretty… Read more »

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Nyla – ‘Body Calling’

Nyla is the other half of the Jamaican reggae duo Brick and Lace. The other member, Nyanda, who is also Nyla’s sister, has seen a lot of success since launching her solo career and now it’s Nyla’s turn. After listening to this track, I believe she will have similar success. Stream the song below  

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Roxanne Jones – ‘Living A Lie’

I love when I get an email filled with good music. It’s like Christmas. Listen to this amazing song first and I’ll tell you about the artist after. Born and raised in Toxteth, Roxanne’s ‘Living A Lie’ is a story of despair and deceit entwined in a melody so sorrowful, to the beat of a… Read more »